Building bones strong

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Tala Clinics operate the best orthopedic clinic in Jeddah. With our state-of-the-art equipment and highly-qualified medical team, we aim to give our patients the best possible treatments and services in a relaxed environment. We offer affordable medical solutions to all our patients, without ever compromising on the quality of our work.

Cortisone injections for pain relief and to reduce inflammation in certain tissues, ligaments or joints

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Cortisone injections or knee gel injections to lubricate knee joints for improved mobility

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Examining and treating birth defects in joints and limbs

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Monitoring and treating chronic conditions

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Treating fractures and sprains

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Full check-ups and X-rays in order to offer an in-depth diagnosis

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Other services

  • Diagnosing rheumatoid pain, as well as conducting all necessary tests to diagnose symptoms and decide on the ideal course of treatment
  • Determining the optimum treatment for fractures and dislocations, either by applying a cast, re-setting the bone before a cast is applied or through surgery
  • Monitoring fractures through X-rays when necessary, before re-applying the cast until the bone has fully healed
  • Taking in patients in need of surgery for lacerations, burns or bruising, as well as applying surgical sutures and repairing worn out ligaments. We also change surgical wound dressings and re-set dislocated joints

Meet our doctors

Dr. Khaled Asaad

Orthopedic consultant

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