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Tala Clinics is equipped with one of the leading ophthalmology clinics in Jeddah. Our clinic is home to highly-trained ophthalmologists, to ensure our patients get the very best visual health treatment

Comprehensive eye examinations to assess vision and the ability to focus on objects

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Eye strength examinations using a state-of-the-art automated refractor

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Conducting fundoscopies in patients suffering from diabetes

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Eye pressure measurements and the treatment of glaucoma

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Treatment of work-related injuries such as upper eyelid laceration, with the help of medical sutures

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Full eye examinations, including a retinal exam and fundoscopy

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Other services

  • Minor surgical procedures such as xanthelasma removal (removal of cholesterol fat deposits near the eye) and the treatment of blocked tear ducts

Meet our doctors

Dr. Rasha Ramadan Fahmy

Ophthalmology Specialist

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