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Cardiovascular Medicine

The Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Tala Medical Clinics specializes in preventing, diagnosing, treating, and following up on cardiovascular diseases.

Nutrition and Dietotherapy

Therapeutic nutrition The Nutrition Department at Tala Medical Clinics focuses on educating patients and provides them with an integrated diet plan to help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight…


Tala and Al Borg Laboratories offer integrated preventive medicine programs for chronic diseases and early detection of cancer for all segments of society including women, men and the elderly.


Tala Clinics is equipped with one of the leading ophthalmology clinics in Jeddah. Our clinic is home to highly-trained ophthalmologists, to ensure our patients get the very best visual health treatment Comprehensive eye examinations to assess vision and the ability


With our state-of-the-art equipment and competent medical team, we give a full spectrum of orthopedic services from diagnosis to treatment and prevention. Diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis Book Now Treatment and monitoring of osteoporosis Book Now Treatment of fractures

General medicine

We provide personalized consultations, accurate diagnoses, and effective treatment options for all health-related concerns to ensure optimal care. In addition to the latest non-surgical treatments, our team of highly qualified surgeons offers surgical intervention when required…


Nothing matters more than the health of your children, which is why we strive to give them the best healthcare available. We tailor our services to perfectly suit their needs, giving you the peace of mind which comes with knowing

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is one of the most important areas of medicine. This encompasses a number of key departments,


Dental Surgery (Surgical Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Tooth), RCT, Root Canal Treatment using Rotary and Manual…